Surety Bonds to Put Your Mind at Ease

What You Need to Know About Surety Bonds


At Bob Barry Bail Bonds, we want our clients to be as informed as possible. The bond process is complex and often misunderstood. There are also many different kinds of bonds. One common type of bond is called a surety bond. A surety bond essentially protects one party, the obligee, in case a service provided or obligation committed to by another party, the principal, or an agreement made with them, is not honored. It covers the obligee if the principal fails to comply to terms, doesn’t render promised services, or breaks the agreement in any way. The surety is the agent, company or party that provides the surety bond. The surety itself can be put up by a surety bond agent or surety bond company, but is paid for by the principal party. Surety bonds can be applied to defendants, as well. As a bond company, we will act as the surety, pay the bail so the defendant is released, and provide insurance to the court that the defendant either shows up to their court date or will provide compensation.


At Bob Barry Bail Bonds, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with any kind of bond they need, including surety bonds. If you are in need of a solid surety bond in Daytona Beach, FL, make our number the first one you call!

Types of Surety Bonds


There are many types of surety bonds that are used in different settings. For example, there are commercial surety bonds that have to do with probate bonds and cover license and permit bonds. There are fidelity bonds that secure accounts like pensions and business services. There are even financial institution bonds that cover banks. For those who have been arrested, there are court bonds that put up remaining bail amounts so defendants can be released from custody.


Apart from sureties, we offer many other different kinds of bonds, including but not limited to:

  • Federal Bail Bonds
  •  Immigration Bail Bonds
  • Cash Bail Bonds
  • Property Bonds
  • Citation Release
  • Recognizance Release

Why Choose a Surety Bond?


A surety bond has many benefits, but one of the most important is that it covers your entire bail amount. You get immediate release from jail and you have the option to pay back the bail in installments. Surety bonds are also more favorable financially than other kinds of bail bonds, which act as a line of credit and charge high interest rates.

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We have decades-long relationships with Daytona Beach courts and law enforcement. We can walk you through the bond process, which can be confusing and stressful - especially in your time of need. We are also available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer speedy bail bond service to reunite our clients with their loved ones quickly.

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