Domestic Violence Bail Bonds in Daytona Beach, FL

Key Information on 24-Hour Domestic Violence Bail Bonds


Even an allegation of domestic violence can damage your reputation, affect your rights, put stress on your relationships with family and friends, cause conflict with your employer, and cause physical and mental stress. If you have been charged with domestic violence in Florida, the most important thing to do is consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. They can help you protect your rights, represent you in court, and discuss what to expect from your case. If bail is set in your case, you will need to speak with a bail bondsman about bail bonds for domestic violence. Bob Barry Bail Bonds offers 24-hour domestic violence bail bonds in Daytona Beach, FL. Call us for more information, or keep reading to learn more about domestic violence charges in Florida and when you need domestic violence bail bonds.

What Is Domestic Violence?


The definition of domestic violence in Florida is assault, battery, aggravated assault, sexual assault of battery, kidnapping or false imprisonment, stalking or aggravated stalking, or any type of physical injury or death inflicted on one member of a family by another member of the family.

What Happens When Arrested for Domestic Violence in Florida?


When you are arrested for domestic violence in Florida, you may be put under an injunction or no-contact order that prevents you from talking to the victim in the case. If you do try to contact them, you may suffer legal consequences. You may be held in jail pending your arraignment or released on your recognizance, which means you don’t have to pay bail, but you do have to follow certain conditions and instructions outlined by the judge. If you are held in jail, you will attend an arraignment hearing. At this hearing, the judge will go over your charges, ask you how you plead, and set your bail amount. If you don’t have an attorney, the court will assign you one. Your attorney can either argue against bail or help you find a bail bondsman to secure bail. Then, you will either stay in jail pending future hearings or trial dates or remain home until your next court date. Your case will proceed to trial if your attorney doesn’t negotiate a plea agreement. Depending on the trial's outcome, you could be sentenced to probation, jail time, or prison time, and you will have to pay fees and fines.

What Are Domestic Violence Bail Bonds?


The amount of bail the judge sets will depend on the severity or degree of your charges, your prior criminal history, your age, your ties to the community, how your attorney argues on your behalf, your likelihood of fleeing before your next hearing, the safety of the victim in your case, and your likelihood of re-offending. The judge might not set any bail or might deny bail. When bail is set, you can either pay a cash bail in full or work with a bail bondsman to provide a property bond or surety bond to secure your release. A domestic violence bail bond is a property bond or surety bond that guarantees your appearance at your next court date. If you don’t appear, you will lose the property you put up as collateral. For a property bond, you will pay your bail bondsman a certain percentage of your bail amount and then use the property as collateral. For a surety bond, you will pay the bail bondsman a percentage of the bail amount, and then they will post a surety bond on your behalf and promise the court the full bail amount if you flee or don’t show up at your next hearing.

When and Why, You Need Bail Bonds for Domestic Violence


You may need bail bonds for domestic violence charges if the judge sets a bail amount that you can’t afford to pay in cash. Judges sometimes set high bail amounts in domestic violence cases because they are worried the victim will be assaulted again. However, if you have a high bail amount, a domestic violence bail bondsman can help you secure your freedom pending the outcome of your case. A bail bond company will use either a property bond or surety bond to get you released, and you can then return to work, school, and home as if you weren’t arrested. You will still need to follow specific conditions of release, appear at all future court dates, and comply with the no-contact order or injunction established to protect the victim in the case.

What Happens After You Get a Bail Bond for a DV Charge?


Getting a bail bond for a domestic violence charge means that you will be released to your family even if you can’t afford to pay the full bail amount in cash. You can resume your routine subject to certain conditions outlined by the judge. Instead of waiting in jail until your next hearing, you can wait in the comfort of your own home.

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