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Understanding the differences between these bail bonds can be crucial for anyone facing an arrest or looking to help a loved one in this situation. At Bob Barry Bail Bonds, we are committed to providing comprehensive bail bond services to meet each client's unique needs. Whether you need immediate assistance or want to learn more about your options, contact us today to get started, and keep reading to learn more about the different types of bail bonds.


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Types of Bail Bonds Offered in Daytona Beach, FL

  • Surety Bail Bonds

    Surety bail bonds are a type of bail bond that involves a contract between the defendant, the court, and a third-party bail agent, known as the surety. The surety agrees to pay the full amount of the defendant’s bail if they fail to appear in court as required. In exchange for this service, the defendant or their co-signer typically pays the surety a non-refundable fee, usually around 10% of the total bail amount.


  • Cash Bail Bonds

    Cash bail bonds involve paying the full bail amount in cash or check to secure the release of a defendant. These bonds can be refunded if the defendant meets all court appearances and obligations. However, the court may withhold administrative fees, and the refund process may take some time.


  • Property Bonds

    Property bonds are a type of bail bond that allows defendants to use their property as collateral to secure their release from jail. The property used must have a value equal to or greater than the bail amount. If the defendant fails to appear in court as required, the court can seize the property and use it to pay the bail amount.


  • Recognizance Release

    A recognizance release is a pretrial release where the defendant is released without paying bail. Instead, the defendant signs a document promising to appear in court for all required hearings and to comply with any other conditions set by the court. This type of release is typically granted to defendants who are considered low-risk.

  • Citation Release

    A citation release, also known as a cite-out, is a pretrial release in which an individual arrested for a minor offense is given a citation or a written notice to appear in court instead of being taken to jail. The individual must sign the citation and promise to appear in court on a specified date and time.


  • Immigration Bail Bonds

    Immigration bail bonds are a type of surety bond used to secure the release of an immigrant detained by immigration authorities. This bond is required to ensure that the immigrant appears at all immigration hearings and follows any orders from the immigration court.


  • Federal Bail Bonds

    Federal bail bonds are used when the defendant is charged with a federal crime, such as drug trafficking, tax evasion, or kidnapping. These bonds are typically more expensive than state or local bonds, and the process for obtaining them is more complex due to the involvement of federal courts and agencies. Federal bail bonds may require collateral, such as property or assets, to ensure the defendant appears in court.


  • Other Types of Bonds

    There are many other types of bonds, including insurance company bonds. In such cases, the defendant pays a non-refundable fee, and the bail bond company pays the bond amount to the court. On the other hand, appearance bonds can be secured, partially secured, or unsecured. If it is secured, the accused will pay the entire bond amount. The accused will pay a percentage of the full bond if it is partially secured. An unsecured appearance bond means the accused promises to pay the full amount but does not have to pay any money upfront.

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