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Run-ins with the law don’t wait for the right moment. They can happen day or night, weekday or weekend. If you or a loved one has been arrested, don’t rely on someone to come and save the day unexpectedly. Trust Bob Barry Bail Bonds in Daytona Beach, FL to secure your freedom! Our agency has more than 40 years of experience in the industry and offers professional bail bonds assistance 24/7, 365 days a year. We get the bail bond process in motion immediately for you or your loved ones and provide fast, friendly, efficient service to prevent lengthy jail time and further stress. Call us today for more information or expert service, day or night.


Bail bonds can be confusing to those who have never had to use them. By definition, a bail bond is a legally-binding document that secures the release of a defendant from jail and ensures they will return for future court dates. A bond company pays this surety bond after someone is arrested and the booking process has taken place at an intake facility. In practice, bail bonds prevent individuals from being held in jail without due process. The courts set the bail amount and the defendant pays a percentage (usually 10%) to be released. If that person does not show up to their court dates, the entire bail amount is then due.    


Bail costs vary in Daytona Beach and Volusia County, FL. Many factors determine these costs including the charges levied against you as an arrested individual, your previous criminal record, and your flight risk. Our affordable rates are set at $100 for all bonds less than $1,000 and 10% for bail exceeding that amount. However, it is also important to remember that each charge may have its bail amount. Federal and immigration bail bonds have higher costs (approximately 15%) due to the risk of defendants not appearing in court. In some cases, bail can be set so high that you cannot raise the funds to pay it. When this happens, contact us immediately and let us help you arrange a cost-effective payment plan to keep you out of prison. Bob Barry Bail Bonds will always try to work with your unique situation, keep bail costs down, and secure your quick-release no matter the scenario.



For many people, coming up with the cash to pay their bond and secure release from jail is almost impossible. Most defendants don’t know how that process works, whom to pay, and the necessary timeline that must be followed to ensure a smooth release. This is where the dedicated agents from Bob Barry Bail Bonds can be instrumental in securing and preserving your freedom. We are the longest-standing bail bond company in Volusia County, FL. We can guide you through the process and offer additional benefits that you WILL need after you have been arrested:

  • Paying Substantial Bail: Once the bail bond process begins, you may find that gathering the money to pay your bond is not possible. The amount is simply too high. Our company can have you released from jail with a payment of 10% of the total cost.
  • 24/7 Access: If you are arrested at 3:00 am, the last thing you want is to get someone’s answering machine. Bob Barry Bail Bonds works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to be there for you. Use your free phone call to contact us and let us be your lifeline when the police have detained you.
  • Convenient Location: Some bond companies have offices across town, in other counties, or major cities far away. That is not us. Bob Barry Bail Bonds is located directly across the street from the Volusia County Jail. When you need a licensed, experienced bondsman to stand for you and pay your bond for release, we will be there to minimize your time behind bars.   



Bail bonds can be your ticket to freedom after you have been arrested. The intake process can take hours, even days in some instances, and you are forced to wait in jail for the entire time. Putting your trust in a professional bond company like ours not only shortens that time to minimal hours, it also rewards you with other benefits as well:  


Makes Bail Affordable: With a bail bond, you do not have to pay your full bail amount. You pay only approximately 10% to secure your freedom.
Allows Life to Continue: Once the bond is paid, you or your loved one can go back to work, live your life outside of prison, and see your family. You must show up for court dates, obey the terms of the bond contract, and stay out of trouble, but life can return to normal.

Financial Security: Posting the entire amount for your bail can drain all of your monetary resources, and put any property you own in jeopardy as collateral. Working with a bond company like Bob Barry Bail Bonds allows you to conserve your money and property and create a more affordable way to stay out of jail.

Simplifies the Process: With any transaction involving the courts and the law, legal documents must be filed, and paperwork needs to be signed. Our professional bondsmen handle all of those details for you so all you have to do is wait for your release.  


If you have been arrested, do not go it alone. The dedicated bond agents from Bob Barry Bail Bonds have the skills and experience to secure your release from jail and simplify complex legal proceedings to save you from further penalties, fines, and jail time. Contact us, day or night, 24/7, and let us be there for you when it matters the most.  


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