Consequences of Missing Court Dates by Bob Barry Bail Bonds

Missing a Court Date After Posting Bail: What Happens?

As part of the bail bonds process, the person who is released from jail after posting bail agrees to appear in court every time he or she is required to do so. Whether it’s intentional or not, failing to show up to a court date can quickly lead to serious consequences that will require legal help to remedy. Here’s a look at what may happen when someone misses a court date.


Bond Forfeiture


After a bail amount is set by the court, individuals in custody often seek assistance from a bail bond company to post bail and get released. In exchange for bond services during the  bail bonds process, the person facing charges pays a percentage of the total bail and agrees to appear in court as required for the duration of his or her case. When an individual fails to appear in court, the court may revoke the amount he or she paid to get out of jail in the first place.


Additional Charges and Re-arrest

Skipping out on a court date doesn’t magically make charges disappear. In fact, Florida law allows prosecutors to file additional criminal charges for failing to appear, which means that a new arrest warrant can be issued. When a person fails to appear in court on misdemeanor charges, he or she may be charged with an additional misdemeanor; failing to appear on felony charges may lead to an additional third-degree felony charge.


Unavoidable Circumstances

Individuals who have jumped bail still have the right to due process, even as it applies to any new failure to appear charges. Sometimes, people miss court dates due to unavoidable circumstances, such as serious illness. If the accused and his or her lawyer can prove that the failure to appear was not willful, additional charges may be dropped.


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