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A person in handcuffs in need of the bail bonds services at Bob Barry Bail Bonds in Daytona Beach, FLA bail bond is an assurance made to the court, which allows the arrested individual to return to the community. A bail company stands as the assurance, which helps people get out of jail in case they are not able to raise the funds by themselves. If the individual does not return to the court for their appointments, then the bail bonding company will have to pay the full amount to the court.


The Volusia County Bail Bonds Process

In Volusia County, when a person gets arrested, the police officer will take them to the Volusia County Jail. The booking process takes approximately two to four hours, after which the person will appear on the jail website. They can now use a bail bond, unless they have to directly face the judge who will set the bail.

Where a bail bonding company comes in

Once the bail is set and the information is updated at the jail, the bail bonds process can begin. The bond company does this process and stands as an assurance for the arrested individual. Once the bail bond is posted to the jail, the person will be released in a couple of hours, after which they will have to complete some paperwork at the bail company.

What you need

You need to bring your Driver’s License or other official ID and a form of payment to the bail office. You will need to sign some papers, which will be declaring that the arrested individual shall be appearing before the court on all the appointed dates. Once we ensure that the arrested individual is not a threat, we stand as the assurance.

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